Olympian Laura Kenny’s pregnancy heartburn struggle

25-year-old Laura reached out to fans for some symptom-soothing tips and tricks...


Cycling champ and Olympic gold medallist Laura Kenny is 24 weeks into her 1st pregnancy.


And, like lots of the rest of us, it seems she’s been getting some of the not-so-fun side effects of expecting.

If her Twitter’s anything to go by, it would appear her biggest gripe is a pesky, meal-ruining case of heartburn.

“Anybody got any tips for heartburn during pregnancy? It’s ruining all my meals!!!” she asked fans, who resoundingly responded with one saviour cure: Gaviscon.

Now, we know that heartburn can be a huge bug to bear when you’re pregnant – and that it can occur at any time (though often it flares up around 27 weeks).

So, it really is useful to know that Gaviscon is safe to use in pregnancy once you’ve got your doctor’s OK – but that it’s also not the only heartburn-killer out there.

Diet tips like avoiding spicy food, cutting caffeine out altogether and eating smaller meals (eating little and often) can also help symptoms.

Interestingly, Laura also revealed to OK! Magazine that she got a few sugary suggestions, too.

“Weirdly enough, Love Heart sweets were a common thing everyone told me to take. I’m more for the natural remedies,” she revealed.

“It was great to hear what other people tried.”

Well, we hope Laura’s symptoms start to disappear soon – and we’d been keen to know, did Love Hearts sweets work for you?

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Images: Instagram/Laura Kenny

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