Pregnant Stacey Solomon “not proud” of smoking

Stacey speaks out after pictures emerged of her smoking while 7 months pregnant


Stacey Solomon has taken to Twitter to admit she’s let people down by smoking during her pregnancy, but is finding it tough to quit.


The pregnant reality star, who shot to fame during 2009’s X Factor, took to Twitter after photos emerged of her appearing to smoke several cigarettes. “I am really ashamed and embarrassed that I have been smoking during pregnancy. It’s something that I am deeply upset about and not proud of in any way,” Stacey tweeted.

Stacey, who is pregnant with her second child and first with fiancé Aaron Barnham, urged that she’s not a perfect person. Speaking out on her publicist Max Clifford’s Exclusive TV show, Stacey emphasised that she’d do anything for her children and is going to get the help that she needs.

Reports suggest the pictures have led to Stacey being removed from the judging panel of Foxy Bingo’s Celebrity Mum of the Year awards. Stacey told Twitter followers, “I feel that I have let people down who have given me fantastic opportunities.”

The determined star told Max she’s strong enough to quit and admitted it’s concerns for her family that worry her more than people finding out.

Stacey has previously demonstrated a down-to-earth approach to pregnancy, suggesting she’s not going to be leaving the hospital with a size zero waist.

If you’re worried about smoking during pregnancy and whether you’ll be able to give up, take advantage of local schemes to help you quit.


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