Pregnant women in North East encouraged to have flu jab

NHS North East has warned that not enough mums-to-be are taking up the offer of a flu jab


Pregnant women in the North East are putting their health at risk by missing out on the seasonal flu jab, according to the NHS.


Only 20% of around 20,000 pregnant women in the area have received the jab so far, despite NHS recommendations that all mums-to-be should be vaccinated.

Flu can be especially serious in pregnancy and carries the risk of complications for the unborn baby. The NHS has urged all pregnant women to ask their GP or midwife about getting the vaccination.

“The flu vaccine is safe for mother and baby and can be given at any stage of pregnancy,” said Dr Tricia Cresswell, from NHS North East. “The earlier you have the vaccine the better as it means you will be protected for the whole winter and it may also give your unborn baby some protection against flu during the first six months of life.”

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