Premature twins hold hands in sweetest video

These tiny twins just can't stop reaching for each other


When they were born 12 weeks early, twins Kristian and Kristiana already had a very special bond – so much so that, even after their birth, they just couldn’t stop holding hands.


Mum Anthea Jackson-Rushford, from Australia, has been sharing the precious moments on Facebook in a series of videos that just make our hearts melt.

The twins – who only weighed 2.2lb each when they were born – reach out for each other in each sweet video.

Take 2!!

Posted by Anthea Jackson-Rushford on Tuesday, 19 January 2016

In a second video – that’s been viewed over 9.8 million times – the twins get the hiccups while nestling on their dad’s chest…

Amazing!!! Needs to go viral!!! ?? our preemie twins Kristiana and Kristian! Born at just 28 weeks and 1 day! Weighed in at under a kilo each! ?? #preemietwins

Posted by Anthea Jackson-Rushford on Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Anthea hopes her videos will give hope to other parents whose babies are born prematurely.

“We realise it may be a bit disturbing seeing our twins with tubes,” she posted, “but they are preemie babies so it is understandable and normal.

“I’m sharing photos and videos for the simple reason that it gives hope to all parents out there that even they do just fine.

“I googled like crazy looking for hope when we told we might be premature.

“I would love to see this kind of positivity [if I were] a mum facing the possibility of a premature baby. To all parents that face this, be comforted in knowing that today anything is possible and your babies will be just fine.”

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