Purple and orange cauliflower to encourage kids to eat their veg

Colourful cauliflower has been introduced by Tesco to get children eating healthy 'greens'.


Forget the days when you spent ages trying to persuade your children to eat their greens. Today, Tesco stores around the country are introducing ‘rainbow’ packs of cauliflower.


Tesco’s has introduced green, purple and orange cauliflowers after its sales dropped by 35% throughout the last ten years.

However the cauliflower is not full of colouring and additives – it is naturally produced by crossing the cauliflower with other types of the brassica family, which includes green cabbage and broccoli, reports the Daily Mail.

“Cauliflower got its poor image from baby boomer generation schoolchildren who generally loathed them as they were alway being told to eat their greens for health reasons,” said Jeni Gray, a greens buyer for Tesco.

“When food was rationed during and after the Second World War, cauliflower became part of the nation’s staple meat and two veg diet at school and at home,” Jeni added.

The idea behind the colourful cauliflower is that youngsters will be attracted by the bright unusual colours and no longer see the vegetable as boring.

Tesco isn’t the first to try and encourage children to eat their vegetables. Last year a survey by Philips Avent found that 83% of mums had to lie to their kids at dinner time to get their toddlers to eat!

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