Quirky celebrity baby names – not so original!

While celebrity parents like Victoria Beckham and Tom Cruise opt for eccentric baby names it's been revealed that Suri, Brooklyn and Cruz all made the baby names list over a hundred years ago...


With the arrival of celebrity children like Suri, Cruz and Apple, it seems that celebrity parents pick baby names which stand out. Although they might like to think they’re trendsetters, their choices are actually hundreds of years old!


With 79% of ‘normal’ parents opting for traditional names, according to a study by Genesreunited, it’s the celebrities who love wacky monikers. Despite them thinking they’re unusual, the study has discovered that they are, in fact, a few hundred years behind.

The Beckham‘s baby name choices have all been recorded on the census before. Brooklyn made the books in 1881 and Cruz was listed four times since 1841. Middle boy Romeo has the most common name, appearing in the census books 294 times between 1841 and 1911.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin‘s strange choice for their daughter raised a few eyebrows in 2005. However, the name Apple, as unusual it is in 2011, over a hundred years ago, it regularly appeared on the census.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes‘ little Suri was quite uncommon back in the 1800’s, with it only being registered once in 1891. However, since Suri Cruise’s arrival in 2005, there has been 67 other Suri’s listed.

The only celebrity parents, according to the survey, who managed to find a unique name is Bob Geldoff and his late wife Paula Yates. They named their eldest daughter Trixibelle and so far, it hasn’t been listed in any census records.

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