QUIZ: Match the baby to the celeb mum!

Test your celebrity baby knowledge with our fun quiz...



Each of these adorable babies has a mum who charms her way through chat shows and poses up a storm on the red carpet.


But can you tell which celebrity mum each of these babies belongs to?

You’ve only got the sparkling eyes and chubby cheeks of these celebrity offspring to go on…

The options are:

A) Una Foden

B) Kim Kardashian

C) Fergie

D) Peaches Geldof

Click next for the answers!



1. Axl Jack Duhamel = E) Fergie

2. Phaedra Bloom Forever Cohen = D) Peaches Geldof

3. North West = B) Kim Kardashian

4. Aoife Belle = A) Una Foden

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