Tanya Bardsley is a mum-of-4, probably best known for appearing on the hit ITVBe reality show Real Housewives of Cheshire.


And she gave birth to her 4th, Ralphi, just weeks ago. Now Tanya’s opened up about her pregnancy and labour experience, in an exclusive chat with OK!.

Tanya - who’s married to Stoke City footballer Phil Bardsley - revealed to the mag that little Ralphi was breech.

“This baby was breech,” she said. “So I had him hypnotised and he turned!”


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We all know that hypnobirthing is designed to calm down the mum during labour - and minimise panic and contraction pain - but can you really hypnotise the baby while its still in the womb?

Hypnotherapy blogs suggest that - rather than swinging a pendulum in front of your bump and chanting you are getting verrrrry sleeeeepy - this practice actually involves getting the mum into a relaxed state, where she can ‘visualise’ the baby turning, which encourages the baby to do so.

There are many ways to help your baby turn and we’re just glad something worked for Tanya!

As long as it’s not potentially dangerous and your doc is A-OK with it, doesn’t hurt to try, right?

But something tells us that Ralphi's dad Phil wasn’t convinced ?

“My husband Phil was laughing so much at our first hypnobirthing session. The nurse was like: ‘Right, we’re putting you in a different room!’

“Then he was like: ‘No I’ll be good.’ He’s like a kid himself, playing football and smashing windows.”

It seems Tanya had a tough time with pregnancy, reeling off symptoms - but there was one thing in particular she says puts her off baby no 5.

“The hardest thing was not having Botox…” she confessed. “My face was full of water, so when all the water drains out, my face is going to be like a pug dog.”

(Botox is not recommended during pregnancy – as we don’t yet know what the potential risks could be.)

“I thought about having it in hospital straight after the birth as my push present!”

Why not, eh? Two birds one stone ?

Ralphi joins Tanya and Phil’s sons, 7-year-old Rocco and Renz, 3, along with Tanya’s teenaged daughter Gabriella from a previous relationship.

Did you try hypnosis for a breech baby? Or did your partner not quite get into the spirit of hypnobirthing? If so, we'd love to hear from you on Facebook.

Images: Instagram/Tanya Bardsley

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