Red Kite have issued a safety notice for their Red Kite Push Me Dubl Pushchair, following a routine batch test carried out by Which?. It was found that one clause of the required British Standard testing failed after a period of time.


Red Kite have reassured customers that the risk of accident is very low, but are nevertheless taking steps to replace the section affected. Below, we outline what you need to know.

What to do if you have bought a Red Kite Push Me Dubl pushchair?

Red Kite have ordered the replacement sections and these are currently undergoing further testing. Once the parts are available, Red Kite will then be in contact with all customers affected to arrange collection of their pushchair, and their experienced fitters will then carry out an in house repair of the affected part, free of charge. The product will then be returned fully warranted.

Can I continue to use my Red Kite Push Me Dubl pushchair before it is collected for repairs?

Yes, Red Kite have confirmed that the Push Me Dubl pushchair is still safe to use until it is collected.

When will the repairs take place?

Red Kite are hopeful that this will be carried out in the following weeks, but have to wait until the parts have been produced, tested, and delivered to the UK.

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You can read their full statement on Red Kite’s website.


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