REVEALED! How many air miles our Christmas dinner clocks up before reaching our plates

The average December 25th dinner travels the world ten times over before you tuck in


Before you get stuck into your Christmas day dinner this year, savour each bite because your turkey, brussel sprouts and even your Christmas pud, have travelled a long way to reach your plate!


Unless you source your food from local producers, your Christmas dinner could have travelled 260,000 miles, the equivalent of ten times around the world, before you eat it, research from the Daily Mail has found. Ingredients and produce from your local supermarket have made a long slog of a journey to reach the shelves, some coming from as far as Egypt and Indonesia.

Frozen turkeys from Brazil will be bought in their thousands by British shoppers, clocking up 5,319 miles across the globe. Christmas dinner staples like baby carrots and green beans also tally up the air miles, with carrots often making their way from South Africa (5,631 miles) and beans from Egypt 2,230 miles away.

Brussel sprouts have less of a way to come from Holland (just 222 miles away) but the cranberry sauce for the turkey (always a dinner favourite) may have been flown in from the USA, clocking up 3,284 miles!

Even puddings and sweet treats can come from afar – the spices in the Christmas mince pies and puddings are often sourced from Indonesia and other mixed spices can travel 6,000 miles from Sri Lanka.


And don’t forget Christmas decorations – tinsel has probably travelled 10,000 miles from China before being wrapped around your tree!

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