Aw, there's nothing an adoring mama wouldn't do for her baby, right?


And let's face it, we do have to do some pretty gross things on occasion: clearing up poonamis, wiping projectile vomit from our own eyebrows, dealing with a face full of wee when changing baby boys' nappies...

Yep, there's not a lot that can faze us after a couple of weeks of parenthood, is there?

In that case, you wouldn't be surprised to hear how Rochelle Humes cleared her 6-month-old daughter Valentina Raine's nose when she was suffering from a cold.

She sucked out the snot. With her own mouth.

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And she told the world about it via an Instagram stories video...

"Just put Valentina to bed, she's not been very well actually the past couple of days, she's teething, and got a cold and everything," The Saturdays singer explained, giving no indication of what might come next...

"[She was] so bunged up that last night, wait for it, I sucked the snot out of her nose. Yeah."

Still with us?

Rochelle - who is married to JLS star Marvin Humes and also has a 4-year-old named Alaia-Mai - later added a second video updating her fans on snot-gate, joking:

"The joke of it is, is that she actually looked at me like, 'Mum, what on earth are you doing to me? Get off me, this is disgusting'. And I'm sort of looking at her like, 'I've just tasted snot for the first time in my life'."

What's even more unsurprising? The fact that not everyone was totally on-board with this procedure.

One commenter even told Rochelle she'd actually made her feel sick!

We have to admit this is not the first time we have heard of a parent doing this... and while it's most definitely NOT for everyone, some mums and dads just see it as a very simple way of easing their little one's discomfort when they are all snotty and congested.

Especially if there's no other options, or it's reaaaally late at night and you're SO tired and just want them to feel better already.

As Rochelle added (months after the fact) to Radio 5's Mum Takeover:

"I'd just been through a really... interesting evening, it was about 2/3 am and she was so bunged up. I frantically googled what I could do.

"I sucked the snot out myself and it wasn't pleasant."

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Image: Rochelle Humes/Instagram

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