Romeo Beckham makes it onto the best dressed list – at age 8!

Move over Suri Cruise - the son of David and Victoria Beckham has made the best dressed list, along with his dad.

Like father like son, 8-year-old Romeo Beckham has been voted the 26th best dressed guy in the UK, coming in 10 places behind his stylish dad David.


Enough to make fellow celebrity style child Suri Cruise shake in her bespoke Christian Louboutin shoes, David Beckham’s middle son made a surprise appearance on the GQ Magazine style list.

Despite Romeo’s young age, fashion experts have been falling over themselves to gush about the Beckham boy…

“He’s experimental, quirky and fun and his style has nothing mini-me about it. It’s me-me!” said menswear designer David Walker-Smith, reported the Daily Mail. However, at just 8 years of age, we’re not sure how much influence fashion queen mum Victoria Beckham has on Romeo’s wardrobe choices!

It looks like Romeo’s in good company, too, with Prince William, Robert Pattinson and Jude Law also appearing on the coveted list.


Regardless of how big a role mum and dad play, with the casual cool look Romeo’s got going on, we think we could be witnessing another Beckham style icon in the making.

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