Royal baby 2 – Kate has a girl!

After a swift hospital birth, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a baby girl


Congratulations to Kate, William and Prince George! And the new, yet-to-be named addition to the Royal family – a baby girl.


The baby weighs a bouncing 8lbs 3oz (3oz less than her brother George). She was born at 8.34am and the Duke of Cambridge was present at the birth, according to Kensington Palace.

The money was always on Kate having a girl, so the next big question is what her name will be. Join in here and tell us what you think…

Fast birth

Kate Middleton was only taken to hospital at 6am this morning, and her baby was born at 8.34, so it was clearly a swift established labour. But according to parenting expert Clare Byam Cook, Kate may have been in early labour for a while beforehand. “Kate may have been in the early stages of labour for several hours at home before she was driven to hospital,” Clare told Sky News. 

Could Kate be out of hospital this afternoon?

“It seems the birth went relatively well, given the speed,” said Clare. “If all is well, in my opinion Kate may want to go home as early as tonight. I believe her mum Carole Middleton is already at Kensington Palace.” Clare’s gone a step further – she’s now predicted that Kate and William will leave around 2.30 today. However, others are saying that Kate may want a bit more time for her stylist and hairdresser to help her look her best when she comes out to the cameras. 

When will Prince George meet his new baby sister?

Prince George may well come and visit his mum and new sister later today, although if Kate does leave hospital in a few hours, the big meet will probably be done at home. 

Which car seat and buggy will Kate use?

Kate and William chose a Britax Baby-Safe infant carrier for Prince George and a Silver Cross Sleepover Elegance for his buggy. Both had a massive boost in sales, so there are likely to be a lot of companies shouting ‘Choose ours!’ today.


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