‘Sachsgate’ tape brings foul language to school lesson

Parents outraged as rude Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross phone call is played to children in English lessons, but headteacher defends the move.


GCSE students at Hampstead School are studying the ‘Sachgate’ tape of Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross leaving explicit messages for Fawlty Towers actor, Andrew Sachs, to prepare for their English language exams.


On the notorious answering machines messages made during a BBC Radio 2 show, Russell is heard boasting about having a sexual affair with Andrew’s granddaughter, Georgina Ballie. Jonathan is also heard shouting out inappropriate terms.

This controversial method of teaching children has caused complaints from the parents of the 14-year-old pupils at Hampstead School, north London. However head teacher Jacques Szemalikowski defended using the tape during their practice exam and said that the transcript would continue to be used.

“I think it is a totally appropriate thing to be doing. We are in the real world and children live in the real world,” he said, reports the Daily Mail.

“It is quite likely that the children would have talked about it and seen it in the press. We discuss what’s in the news, we don’t sweep things under the carpet,” Jacques added.

Jacques who also claimed reading Shakespeare to be equally as rude, said that pupils have to analyse a radio transcript as part of the verbal section of the English Language GCSE.

More than 50,000 complaints were made to the BBC about the ‘Sachsgate’ tape. Russell was forced to resign while Jonathan was suspended.

‘Sachsgate’ same as Shakespeare? What do you think?

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