Safety warning for Graco buggy users

Graco has issued a voluntary safety notice, urging parents to use their Graco buggies correctly and offering modification kits.


Graco has issued a safety notice about some of its older models of buggies. There are two buggy models in question, which go by the names MetroLite, Quattro Tour, Quattro Tour Deluxe, Metrosport and Aerosport, depending on which country they’re sold in. The recall relates to those produced before 2008.


This safety notice to UK parents comes after Graco and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced a voluntary “recall” of the buggies in America yesterday, following a small number of fatal incidents and injuries there. There’s been no cases reported outside North America.

The safety issue is that when a child isn’t strapped in with the harness as they should be and are left unattended, they can move down through the gap between the tray and bottom of the seat and their head and neck can be trapped by the tray. This can cause injuries and is a strangulation hazard.

In America, “recall” is a term used to mean any kind of action taken to fix an issue. In this case, it means parents need to stop using the buggies until they get a free repair kit. The CPSC safety notice states parents can keep using the buggies as travel systems, because when the car seat is attached, the risk of entrapment and strangulation isn’t there.

So what do you need to do? Firstly, Graco has stressed that the buggies are safe when used as instructed. Secondly, get in touch with Graco to find out if your buggy model is affected – call the company on 0844 412 1212 or head to Graco also has the voluntary safety notice posted on its site.


If your buggy is affected, you can get a modification kit from Graco, too.

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