Well we all love a bargain, right? But when a national newspaper describes a store's half-price sale as a 'bun fight' and reports on 'scuffles in the aisles' it makes us just want to stay in the warm and do all our shopping online, mayhem free.


Toy wars reportedly broke out in the Chelmsford, Essex, branch of Sainsbury's early this morning, as parents fought to get their mitts on some half price deals in time for Christmas.

The retailer has slashed the prices of some 200 toys, with over a quarter being reduced by 50%, in-store and online, until 24 October (500 stores are participating).

One mum told the paper that the store became so chaotic she had to abandon her trolley in the aisles and go home.

And it wasn't just in Essex, where things were kicking off, either. Across the country, people have been taking to Twitter to share similar tales as bargain hunters fought their way to the shelves to get brands like Hot Wheels and Nerf at well under their normal prices.

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One shopper moaned: "Someone nearly broke the shoelace on my Converse in a scuffle to get to the Barbie section, which had all gone by 9am".

Another branded the sale "mental" and said it was like "supermarket sweep".

A dad tweeted that he needed"'a crash helmet" to get through the throng, while a furious mother claimed her local branch had chosen the 'smallest aisle' in the shop to hold the sale in.

And those who unwittingly wandered into the sale were not particularly impressed either, with one woman writing on Twitter:

"Took morning off so could go to supermarket while it's quiet. Instead it's packed cos of a half-price toy sale. THANKS SAINSBURYS."


Great though bargains are - and who doesn't want to save the pennies in time for Christmas - they can bring out the worst in people, can't they?

What do you think?

Did you manage to snaffle any cut-price must-haves? Or did the thought of wrestling an over-enthusiastic granny for the last Barbie on the shelf bring you out in a cold sweat? Let us know in comments or on Facebook.

Pics: Sainsburys.co.uk

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