Sarah Jessica Parker talks surrogacy, struggling to conceive and twins

Sex and the City star opens up about her new family, her fertility heartache and touching moments when her son met his baby sisters

Undoubtedly loved by women worldwide for her fashion savvy style and her role as unlucky-in-love fashionista Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker’s career is soaring. However, behind the scenes, the one thing she really wanted, she couldn’t have – another baby.


Explaining her reasons behind her decision to use a surrogate mum, 45-year-old SJP admits that it wasn’t through lack of trying. “We tried and tried and tried and tried to get pregnant,” she told US Vogue magazine. “It just was not to be, I would give birth…if I could.”

Having grown up with seven brothers and sisters, the actress didn’t want her 7-year-old son James Wilkie to be an only child. “I didn’t want him to have to shoulder the burden of us later in life, by himself,” Sarah admitted. So her and husband Matthew Broderick chose a surrogate, Michelle Ross, 26, who went on to give birth to twin girls in June 2009.

However, even though SJP was getting what she’d dreamed of for years, the secrecy of the situation drove her mad! “We couldn’t talk about the fact that we were having children to anybody for sooo long!” she shared. “All the stuff that matters is secretive and worrisome. You can’t talk about how you feel about the woman who’s carrying your children; you can only talk to your husband.”

The role of the big brother, however, seems to suit the couple’s son James Wilkie. James was caught, when getting ready to meet his new baby sisters, preparing himself for his big brother debut. “I came back into the room and saw him combing his hair down and standing in front of the mirror,” SJP recalled. “He doesn’t know I saw him, but I heard him say, ‘I have to be handsome when I meet my sisters.’”

Sarah Jessica Parker is now proud mum to twin daughters Tabbitha Hodge and Marion Loretta, who she fondly nicknames Babe and Kitty! “Aren’t those great? Babe and Kitty Broderick! It’s like it’s 1940.”


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