School calls in debt collector for lunch money

As parents rack up big bills in unpaid school dinner money, one headteacher takes drastic action


Families who’ve been avoiding paying their children’s school lunch money may be in for a nasty shock, as one school in Liverpool is getting tough on unpaid bills.


Parents of pupils at Corinthian Primary School had better check their finances are in order, as headteacher Gary Crocket has threatened to call in debt collectors to chase money owed to the school.

“Due to a high number of unpaid dinners, the school is engaging a debt collection agency to chase unpaid monies,” Gary Crockett said in a written warning to parents.  “If you wish to discuss any difficulties, please make an appointment with Mr Crockett, who will talk to you in confidence.”

The threat comes after some parents have racked up hundreds of pounds worth of bills. But debt collection agencies are sceptical, claiming few would take on a job for such small amounts of money.

“At the end of the day,” Gary explained, “someone has to pay for all the food and staffing. We do catering in-house and it is a business.”

The school offers lunches for £1.70 and includes healthy options such as salmon and home-made meatballs on the menu, according to the Daily Mail.


Do you think the school has a leg to stand on or should the headteacher be cutting struggling parents some slack?


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