School slams pyjama-wearing ‘Slummy Mummies’

Headteacher at Middlesbrough school asks parents to get dressed properly after many turn up at the school gates still in their nightwear


Teachers at the Pallister Park Primary School, Middlesbrough, have sent out warning letters to parents urging them to get dressed properly before dropping their children off to school.


The prompt comes after large numbers of ‘Slummy Mummies’ regularly turn up to the school gates in the morning wearing their pyjamas. Some are still in their jim-jams when they pick their children from school in the afternoon. It’s rather different to the yummy mummy style of celeb mums on the school run.

Some pyjama-loving parents have even been turning up to school parents’ evenings looking like they’ve just stepped out of bed – literally!

“What we were seeing was people staying in their pyjamas all day. They were dropping their children off in the morning and collecting them in the afternoon wearing the same pyjamas,” headmaster Chris Wain said. The letters were issued out to both mums and dads, asking them to ditch the PJs and put on some proper clothes.

“Appearing at the school agtes in pyjamas isn’t the right way to go about things. It’s setting a bad example,” a teacher from the school told The Sun. However, the letter didn’t go down well with all PJ and slipper enthusiasts. “I can’t be bothered getting dressed. My pyjamas are comfy,” one mum told the newspaper.

While we all look a comfy pair of PJs, would you wear yours to the school gates? Let us know!

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