School summer holidays to be cut?

The traditional summer break could be slashed from six weeks to just four weeks for primary and secondary schools in Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire.


School might be out for summer for a fortnight less for children in Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire. The local authorities are considering cutting the long summer school holiday from six weeks to four weeks in both primary and secondary schools.


The changes would come into effect in 2013/2014 at the earliest.

“We would be open to a reduction in the summer holiday and the equalisation of the teaching periods throughout the year and the possibility of different lengths of half-term holidays,” said East Riding branch secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers, John Killeen.

“But the important message for parents is there would still be the same number of teaching days.”

Critics of the current system say research has shown that pupils struggle to concentrate after six weeks off. A study of American students by the RAND Corporation found they lost one month per year in both maths and English.


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