See our exclusive clip of brand new Rastamouse episode ‘Da Sugamice’

Exciting new episode to premiere featuring winner's own Rastamouse character


The wait is over! Episode 26 from the new Rastamouse series will premiere on Wednesday 19th December, complete with the winning entry from this year’s hunt for a new Rastamouse character. Get a sneak peek before anyone else, right here!


Entries arrived in their droves and now winning entry Marigold will take to the screen in the funkiest of episodes, Da Sugamice. The episode will also be repeated on New Year’s Eve for extra Rastamouse fun.

Rastamouse has said, “Dem Sugamice got bare talent ya know… an’ now wid Scratchy pon da case, helpin’ dem nail dere bangin’ choons an’ RT takin’ care ah bizness, mi sure dem’s gonna create some proper wicked vibes… dem gyals might even be puttin’ in an appearance on Da Easy Crew’s second album. An’ mi notice Marigold’s outfit lookin’ extra fine tanks to dat super slick stylist Maisy.”

New character Marigold added, “Ya know we were tinkin’ dat Da Sugamice were nah good enuff to enter Da Battle ah da Bands competition cos we never played live before… but wid Scratchy’s help, we shape up good an’ did one wicked performance. Now RT’s gettin’ us bare gigs an’ we so hyped ’bout workin’ wid Da Easy Crew!”


Producer Greg Boardman told us, “Fans of the show who’ve seen readings with the creators or who’ve witnessed our schools music project will know how much importance we place on interacting directly with the audience. The Immediate Media magazine competition to get the viewers involved by creating a character was a wonderful opportunity to further that interaction.’

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