See what controversial model Sarah Stage looks like 1 week after her baby’s birth

The US model caused uproar with her 'too small' bump pic but look at her now she's given birth to an 8lb baby boy!


Well, after all that uproar about her bump being too small, model Sarah Stage has given birth to a healthy 8lb baby – and, you guessed it, is back in her bikini just 7 days later.


The 30-year-old LA-based model shared revealing selfies on Instagram throughout her pregnancy– including the one above, taken at 9 months – and some folk were quick to comment that her shape was “unhealthy”.

But Sarah’s in no doubt she’s proved her critics wrong by giving birth to the adorable James Hunter on 14 April. “James Hunter (4/14/15) 8.7lbs/22 inches of HEALTHY baby! Thank you for the positive support throughout my journey… It’s just beginning!!!” she commented on a picture of her baby wearing a sweet fox-themed swaddle while still in hospital.


And now new mum Sarah’s back in a jewel-encrusted bikini just a week after giving birth (above, right). And, frankly, we have to give her props just for getting out of her pyjamas!

The model’s revealed that she’s not yet returned to her normal gym routine (shockers!) but your normal just-slob-on-the sofa-and-recover-from-the-birth plan is clearly not on her agenda: posting a selfie (above, left) in her underwear 4 days after James was born, she’s commented: “4 days post baby. Total pregnancy weight gain was 28lbs. I’m excited to resume my workouts in 5 weeks!!”

While Sarah only gained 28lbs in her pregnancy, that’s not necessarily the right weight gain for everyone. The weight you should gain during pregnancy depends on various factors, including your pre-pregnancy weight and body mass index (BMI). And, remember: there’s no ‘right’ size for your baby bump; they come in all shapes and sizes – including Sarah’s teeny-tiny one – and how big or small you are usually makes no difference to your baby’s health.

Photos: Instagram / Sarah Stage

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