Selfridges has revealed the toys it thinks will be most popular this Christmas. In contrast to the popularity of traditional games last year, Christmas 2011 is predicted to see the technological trend reign supreme, according to Selfridges.


The Transformers Ultimate Optimus Prime is expected to be Selfridges’ best-selling toy this Christmas due to this predicted trend. It comes with flashing lights and battle and missile launching sounds. Part of the popularity will no doubt stem from the this summer’s release of the film Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon.

Other techno toys forecast to hit Christmas lists in force are Disney’s Remote Control Lightning McQueen and the Laser Stunt Chaser Stunt Car.

Eco toys are also expected to be a hit as it seems more of us are becoming environmentally conscious and want recycled or ‘make your own’ toys. Marbel’s Make Do Robot is envisaged as coming in at second place, behind the Transformers Ultimate Optimus Prime.

Here's the full run-down of Selfridges top 10 toys for Christmas 2011:

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