World goes crazy that Serena Williams was 8 wks pregnant when she won Australian Open: seriously?

We're so happy for the tennis ace - and her win is impressive - but not because she's pregnant, just because it's impressive, agree?


It’s official! Tennis champion Serena Williams is pregnant with her 1st child ?


The 35-year-old sports star surprised the world with her happy news in a Snapchat story yesterday, where she posted a brightly-coloured bump snap.

“20 weeks,” read her simple caption.

Despite the story quickly being deleted, a spokesperson for Serena has confirmed this morning that she’s definitely expecting, and that her due date is in Autumn.

By our calculations, if she’s 20 weeks now, then she’ll be due some time in early September 2017.

While congratulations for Serena and her Reddit founder fiance Alexis Ohanian pour in from friends and fans alike, everyone’s going crazy over the fact that Serena won the Australian Open while pregnant.

serena williams and fiance

The athlete won her 23rd Grand Slam title, this time against sister Venus, in January, when she would’ve been around 8 weeks along.

She’s also set to return to her no 1 ranking later this week ?

Now, call us crazy, but we reckon this is pretty standard fare for a woman in her 1st trimester.

LOL, obviously we don’t mean being one of the greatest athletes of all time… but the first weeks and months of pregnancy aren’t always perpetual morning sickness and feeling rubbish.

Even if they are, many of us still have to get up and go to work, and continue on as normal (including doing physical things like exercise).

Serena’s job might be exceptionally physically demanding, but we’re fairly certain she’s used to it ?

We might be the only ones who feel that way though. Fellow celeb Kimberly Wyatt told MFM she was incredibly impressed.

“I think it’s one of the most phenomenal, amazing, inspiring stories I’ve potentially ever heard. Like, woman power for Serena!” she revealed.

However, she did agree that if you have been active pre-pregnancy, staying active during pregnancy shouldn’t be too difficult…

“I remember during my last pregnancy with Willow, I was performing live on stage for Got To Dance at 6 months pregnant, and it’s quite an amazing thing to happen.

“I had an amazing doctor who’d dealt with a lot of athletic people, because dance is a sport in itself. I was a bit nervous – I was like, ‘can I keep dancing?’ He just really reassured me that pregnancy isn’t an illness, it’s a baby.

“And if you’ve been active, or you’ve been dancing, you can just keep on doing it.”

Now, reports suggest Serena won’t be competing in another tournament until after her baby’s born.

And with all those victories under her belt, she more than deserves a little downtime ?

We really hope she enjoys the remainder of her pregnancy!

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