Sex of ‘gender-neutral’ child revealed after parents keep secret for five years

Parents post YouTube video of their 5-year-old saying the differences between boys and girls are “silly”


A five-year-old who’s been brought up to be ‘gender neutral’ has been recently revealed to be a boy. Sasha Laxton’s gender has been disclosed because he recently started school and his parents accepted that it woud cause difficulties if his sex was still a mystery.


The parents of Sasha, have posted a video on the internet of their son saying it’s “silly” to talk of differences between boys and girls.

In the video clip, mum Beck Laxton, 46, asks him if he thinks girls and boys are different. Sasha, who seems to have taken up his mum’s views, says “No.”

“What do people sometimes say to you about colours?” Beck goes on to ask her son. “Pink and yellow are girls’ colours and blue and green are boys’ colours. I think that is really silly!” replies Sasha.

Mum Beck referred back to the time when she snapped Sasha in a tutu for their family Christmas card and asked him, “Do you think people would think that boys are meant to do that or girls are meant to do that?” Sasha replies, “Girls were. I think that’s so silly!”

Sasha’s parents called him “the infant” when he was born and kept his gender a secret from everyone apart from a few close friends and relatives. Sasha was raised up to play with dolls as well as Lego and was allowed to choose whether to wear both boys’ and girls’ clothes.

The parents are thought to be the first British parents to speak about their non-traditional method of bringing up a child. 

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