Sexsomnia sees couple conceive a baby as they sleep

Couple discover pregnancy as they're about to start fertility treatment


Ryan and Dee Harris were about to start fertility treatment when they happily discovered they were already expecting a baby. However, a bigger shock was in store when they found out their now 16-month-old son Lincoln was conceived while they were sleeping!


Dad Ryan, 28, suffers from sexsomnia – a rare medical condition where people participate in sexual acts while asleep. Ryan apparently wakes Dee up for sex, but remains asleep for the whole time. 

“I had to keep records of each time we had sex while we were trying for a baby so it was easy to work out the dates,” explains Dee, who was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. “When I looked back, it was clear I’d conceived on the night we’d had ‘sleep sex’ as we call it, which means when I’m half-awake and Ryan is totally asleep. We both had a laugh when we realised,” said Dee.

The couple only realised Ryan had the condition after watching a programme on TV about sexsomnia.

Ryan told The Sun, “I’ve been talking in my sleep for years but when Dee told me we were having sex as well I thought she was joking.”

Have you heard of ‘sleep sex’ before?

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