Shock births: Two mums didn’t know they were pregnant

Weightlifter gives birth during workout, Canadian baby arrives as mum arrested!


It’s an unlikely scenario at the best of times, but this week two women have given birth without even knowing they were pregnant. Olympic weightlifter Elizabeth Poblete had a baby boy during a training session after complaining about feeling unwell.


The baby was three months premature and was taken to hospital with mum Elizabeth, 22, where he is still in intensive care. He weighed just 2.54lbs.

Canadian police also got a shock this week after arriving at a woman’s house to arrest her, only to discover she’d just given birth. Heather Richard, who was in trouble with the law for her outstanding warrants, also had no idea she was expecting a baby.

The officers found her in her bathroom on Sunday, where she delivered her baby over a toilet. She had rushed to the bathroom after suffering severe abdomen pain. “The baby just fell out. I was freaking out,” said Heather, who was told by doctors she couldn’t conceive. “I’m still in shock. I’m not supposed to have kids.”


The baby boy, who weighed 5lb, is now in a stable condition in hospital.


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