Can you imagine a Silver Cross to rival the Bugaboo Bee, the iCandy Raspberry or the Mee-go Feather?


We think we might've found it: it's brand new, it's called the Spirit, and it's currently only going to be available in Asia and other warmer territories across the globe ?

We can exclusively reveal that Silver Cross are now thinking about maybe bringing the Spirit to Britain, too ?

What's so interesting about the Spirit?

silver cross spirit

Well, for a start, it's fairly lightweight at 9.8kg (6.3kg for the frame, 3.5kg for the seat). But it's also pretty sturdy!

The Spirit holds up to 22kg (approx 5 years) and is suitable from birth, though it doesn't come with a carrycot - instead you can purchase a baby cocoon to go with it.

Most interesting is the ventilation, made possible by the mesh fabric that lines the back of the seat. We're seeing lots of this style of fabric on baby products across the board. Given the summer heat we experienced in 2018, we don't think that's a bad thing...

There are a few colour options in the countries it's currently for sale. Up top you see blush (along with the baby cocoon) and there's also a stylish dark grey.

Finally, it's compatible with travel systems including the Silver Cross Simplicity and is an easy fold. (We know, cos we've seen it being folded.)

When will Silver Cross Spirit come to the UK?

There's no telling when, if at all, the Spirit will land on British soil. We also don't know what it would set you back.

Whatever happens, we'll be sure to keep you updated ?

First look: the brand new Silver Cross Coast

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We're VERY curious to know if you'd be interested in the Spirit coming to the UK. If you're expecting, tell us: would you buy it? Get in touch on Facebook, Instagram or in the comments below...

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