Simon Cowell’s ex Terri Seymour reveals anxiety over breastfeeding

The model and TV presenter confesses to having a few motherhood worries


Terri Seymour has revealed she absolutely ‘loves’ breastfeeding her mega-cute baby daughter Coco, and that nothing could have prepared her for the ‘overwhelming love you experience when feeling your sweet baby against your skin’.


The proud new mummy was writing about her 3-month-old daughter in her new Moms&Babies blog for US mag, People.

Coco was born in March, and is the model-turned-TV presenter’s first baby. Her dad is 27-year-old British male model, Clark Mallon.

Terri, 41, confessed that she had been so anxious about feeding and ‘not doing it right’, and that she wouldn’t be able to produce enough milk, that she saw two lactation experts and even had a breastfeeding specialist come to her house to advise her and give her tips. But Coco seemed to take to breastfeeding naturally. ‘It’s amazing how they know exactly what to do in their first moments on Earth almost more than we do! I was crying tears of joy, and baby Coco found her way to my breast and the bond began,’ Terri wrote.

She has also revealed that she’s was also concerned about breastfeeding in public. “I recently went out for lunch and was fiddling about under a muslin trying to breastfeed and my boyfriend Clark said, “You look ridiculous!” I jokingly posted a picture on Instagram and people responded with comments like: “Be proud,” “Undercover nursing,” “Don’t hide it.” That made me think, “They’re right. There is absolutely nothing to hide, and I’m so lucky to be able to do this.”

Terri Seymour and Simon Cowell

Terri remains very good friends with her ex, Simon Cowell, who she had a six year relationship with, and said that he had been ‘thrilled’ when she had announced her pregnancy. 

“We were having dinner in LA and I told him and he was over the moon,” Terri told Hello! magazine at the time. “Actually, immediately after congratulating me the first thing he said was he had to be the godfather.”

Just a week ago, Terri posted a pic of her and Simon on her Instagram account, captioning it ‘Interviewing Simon Cowell’. The relaxed, happy snap clearly showed the ongoing friendship between the two, and with just 13-months between Coco and Simon’s son Eric, there’s no doubt every likelihood that they are growing up the best of showbiz baby buds, too!

Photos: Terri Seymour/Instagram

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