Simon Gregson opens up about sad loss of unborn twin

Corrie actor says he's 'very lucky' to still be expecting a third son


Simon Gregson and his wife Emma have opened up about the sad loss of one of their unborn twins. The Coronation Street actor announced his wife’s pregnancy in May – but now the couple have talked for the first time about how Emma was pregnant with twins but only one survived.


“We had to keep going back to the unit, but sadly only one of the twins survived,” she told Ok! magazine. But the mum-of-2 revealed that they feel blessed to be expecting a third baby.

“We’re very lucky to have this one, aren’t we?” she asked Simon during the interview. “Very lucky,” he added.

The couple are already parents to two sons, Alfie, 8, and Harry, 6, and are expecting a third boy. But the honest mum revealed she was secretly hoping for a daughter. “After about 24 hours we got our heads round the fact that we’re having another boy,” Emma said. “It will just be the three amigos. There was a little bit of me thinking inside that I would have loved a girl.

“But I have loads of friends trying for a baby and they haven’t been as successful as us, so we are really grateful that I’m managing to carry a baby.”

And the actor who plays Steve McDonald in the ITV Soap reveals he’s not saying “never” to trying again for a girl. “I would love Emma to have a little girl,” he said. “If I could pluck her from the stars and give her to Emma, I would. Never say never, I guess.”

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