Ahhh, 1st birthday parties.


You invite a few friends and family round, have some nibbles, and get that picture of your baby cramming in some cake or trying to grab the birthday candle.

And that's plenty, because 1 year olds won’t remember or appreciate how much of a fuss you made.

But not TV hosts Rochelle and Marvin Humes. When their daughter Alaia-Mai turned 1, they decided to throw a bash that looked more magical (and expensive) than some weddings.

You just have to click through these pictures of the bash Rochelle shared on Instagram, if only to gape at the beauty of the fairytale theme...

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The castle cake...

The centrepiece of any birthday party is surely the cake.

This 3-tiered beauty is a fairytale castle with dreamy turrets.

Fairies dance amongst toadstools and butterflies in layers of green icing.

Can we get a slice?!


The food table...

Of course, it wasn't just a 3-tiered castle cake.

This fairytale princess also had some toadstool-shaped cookies...

... some giant cartoon-like lollipops.

Oh, and throw in some jars of sweets and fairy-toped cupcakes and we should be good.

It's like a scene from Willy Wonka’s factory.


The marquee

By the look of these benches, Alaia’s made a lot of friends in the first year of her life!

Under a billowing white marquee – with a mini-chandelier of course – rows of benches are topped with grass-look table runners.

Little jars of wildflowers are dotted along the tables in a spread that wouldn’t look out of place at a vintage-themed wedding.


And Alaia makes 3...

Mum and dad are all smiles as they hold their little princess.

While mum and daughter match beautifully in peachy-nude coloured frocks, dad Marvin opts for a baby pink shirt.

Perhaps it's one of Alaia's favourites.


Princess shoes

No princess’ outfit is complete without magic slippers.

Alaia’s party shoes are gold with bows and sparkly diamanté detail.


Pink butterflies

Outside the marquee, moss-covered trees guard the entrance, with pink butterflies nestling gently on the branches.

Of course they could be fake – but we did wonder if the party planner had considered breeding real butterflies to pose sweetly for the whole length of the party.


Candle time

It’s finally time for Alaia to blow out the candle on her birthday cake.

We’ve got to say Marvin, you could have got Alaia a bigger candle – it’s looking a bit lost on that huge castle!


Something for the grown-ups

The Humes also catered for all the ‘Mummies and Daddies’ in the enchanted garden with a bar away from the main party.

Ours is a G&T thanks guys!


More sweets, mummy!

Yes!!!! Princess Alaia throws her arms up in joy at the confectionaries on offer.

Phew! We think she likes the party. Rochelle you’d better get planning next year’s bash now if you’re going to top this one!

We think they may have set the bar just a little high. What do you think? Comments please!