“Sorry, can’t do vacuuming – it might damage my sperm!”

Men now have poor sperm excuse to get out of doing the chores


It’s the get-out clause husbands and partners have been waiting for for years. A new study has found that household chores, including using a vacuum cleaner or a microwave, could reduce men’s chances of having children, reports the Daily Mail.


Researchers from Stanford University in California exposed male volunteers to electromagnetic fields and found exposure could double the risk of having poor-quality sperm.

Electromagnetic fields are produced by all electrically charged objects, including microwaves and fridges. Fertility expert and head researcher Dr De-Kun Li said, “We’re not saying you shouldn’t use a microwave, but it makes sense to turn it on, then move away and go back when it’s done. Keep devices, especially those with electric motors, away from the body.”


They may now have an excuse to get out of the vacuuming duties, but surely this research means men can no longer spend hours on their X boxes, laptops and PlayStations too!

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