Special delivery for Post Office mum

A mum has given birth to a baby daughter in a Post Office


The owners of a Post Office in Cambridgeshire have revealed how they helped deliver a baby in their shop and then weighed her on the parcel scales.


Post Master Paul Childs, 58, who was helped by his wife Helen, 54, and colleague Ray Smith, 63, said that the little one weighed 5lb 15oz, “the equivalent of an £8.22 first class parcel”.

The baby’s mother Sonia Marina Nascimento had popped into the Post Office to purchase credit from her mobile phone when her waters broke and she went into labour.

She gave birth to a healthy daughter named Dulce in the Wisbech shop at 9:30am before the paramedics had arrived.

Mr Childs said: “It was jolly good. She hadn’t even been having contractions. We got her out the back, she dropped her jeans and out it popped.

“We had a shop full of people but no one seemed to notice until they heard the baby cry.”


The new arrival is Ms Nascimento second child – she already has a three-year-old son.

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