Sperm bank offers clients celebrity lookalike donors!

Order your own baby Beckham or Russell Crowe


First couples were turning to Danish sperm donors, and now it’s the turn of celebrity lookalikes!


Women who swoon over David Beckham’s boyish good looks or Russell Crowe’s eyes can now get what they’ve always wished for, with an American sperm bank allowing clients to choose a celebrity lookalike donor.

The California Cryobank claims to have donors who resemble Ben Affleck, Hugh Grant and Daniel Radcliffe.
A particular donor on the sperm bank’s list is apparently a dead ringer for David Beckham and is described as a ‘blond-haired dreamboat.’

The sperm bank features more than 100 celebrities and sports stars. Although under American law, donors must remain anonymous, parents are given a description of the man’s height, build and eye and hair colour.

However, Scott Brown, a spokesman for the centre, has warned that choosing a donor who looks like a Hollywood heart throb doesn’t guarantee your child will look the same. “No celebrity is meant as an exact match for any donor.”

The celebrity baby bank has also been criticised by some scientists. “There’s something strange about a culture that has types of beauty where everyone looks alike,” said Professor Bonnie Steinbeck, from the University of Albany in New York. “Now they’re trying to create children through who the actor of the moment is.”


Do you wish your baby resembled your fave celeb or do you think it’s outrageous and parents should be happy with what they get? Let us know below….


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