Chuck away your fidget spinners! The latest craze taking over little people's fingers is the rather oddly named Magic Cube Twist Speed Puzzle Toy: a spherical ball with different coloured mini-balls you need to flick and pop to move into position so they slot into matching coloured rings.


It's kind of like the classic 1980s Rubik's Cube - but not with stickers so you can't cheat (boo!!)

Basically, you push the balls down and move them around so they ALL end up in a hole that's surrounded by a ring matching the colour of the ball.

Simple, right?

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We reckon it's got a bit more going for it than the regular fidget spinner, in that it has the (possibly infuriating) puzzle element to it, so you get a bit more for your money (perhaps, if you like puzzles that is) ?

Watch our vid of the magic cube in action...

What do you think?

Reckon you'll be spending put on this? ( FYI we've spotted them selling on eBay for around £2)

Maybe you have one already? If so - tell us what you think of it in the comments below or over on Facebook

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