SPOILER ALERT – Coronation Street baby heartache

A Rovers Return favourite suffers two miscarriages and is told she’ll never carry a child


After revealing her baby joy to her new husband, the mouthy but lovable barmaid Becky McDonald is set for a series of pregnancy heartache


The Corrie favourite, who was at first hesitant about becoming a mum with her hubby Steve, has just announced that she’s pregnant with her first baby. However, her joy will be short-lived as her character is about to suffer a miscarriage – but then conceive again.

The second bout of baby news will also be temporary as it’s been revealed that Becky will have a second miscarriage and then receive the devastating news that she’ll never carry a baby due to an ‘abnormal womb’. In dramatic and heart wrenching scenes, the feisty character, played by Katherine Kelly, demands a second opinion saying, “That’s daft. Steve only has to wink at me and I’m up the duff. Surely one of them will survive?”

Insiders say that Becky blames herself and her past of drug abuse and heavy boozing, and bashes her stomach, saying, “See this, it’s a killer womb. I should put a sign on it reading ‘Danger – Keep Out’”, while Steve tries to assure her that they should try IVF. However, the couple’s hopes are shattered when doctors tell them that IVF will make no difference in Becky’s case.


If you’re affected by infertility like Corrie’s Becky, take a look at MFM’s guide to overcoming problems conceiving and dealing with a miscarriage.

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