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A primary school in England’s become 1 of 5 in the country to introduce standing desks into classrooms.

By standing desks, we’re talking little wooden work stations that can be propped onto a classroom’s existing table, meaning children can stand up and complete their lessons instead of sitting down.

And by “introduce”, we mean that the school’s brought 3 of these desks into each classroom, offering students the opportunity to use them for anywhere from a few minutes to a bulk of the hour-long lesson.

Sarah Harding, headteacher of Kewstoke Primary School, in Somerset, says the desks have been making an impact on students just 3 weeks in.

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She claims she’s noticed an improvement in the level of concentration and quality of work, telling The Sun:

"I was watching a lesson the other day when one of the children walked over and started to work at the standing desk.

"His work has improved by using a standing desk. He told me that it was much better for him using it as he felt he was not tied to a traditional desk environment.”

They’ve also had no issues with students wanting to use the desks at the same time so far - though Kewstoke’s a pretty small school, so perhaps that’s unsurprising.

We kind of love the at the option’s available to students and no little one’s are being made to stand if they don’t want to…

Though we did mistake the idea at first for one where the kids have to stand at their desks at school all day every day, and were a little bit perturbed ??

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