Stay-at-home mums’ work worth £30,000 a year

If mums were paid for all their duties, they'd take home a sizable salary, a new survey finds. And with all that work to do, they only spend one hour more a day with their children than working mums


The daily chores that mums do each day are worth a sizable wage of £30,000, reports the Mirror.


With cooking, cleaning, shopping and childcare taking up an average 14 hours a day, a mum’s minimum-wage pay would amount to higher than the average working person’s salary.

And all that hard graft may explain why stay-at-home mums don’t actually get to spend all that much longer with their children each day than working mums do, as another report has found.

Working mums manage to spend 81 minutes a day with their children, including meal times, while stay-at-home-mums get around a hour longer throughout the whole day, reports the Daily Mail. But psychologists say working mums shouldn’t feel guilty about losing this extra hour as even this short amount of time is enough to bond with children, as long as it’s spent correctly and packed with fun activities.

“I don’t think parenting is a numbers game,” said family and child psychologist, Dr Sandra Wheatley. “The important thing is that children get opportunities to have fun with their parents.”

Dr Wheatley was also “curious” that stay-at-home mums did not spend more time directly looking after their children, which may comfort the working mums who feel guilty about how much time they spend at the office.


£30,000 or priceless? How much do you think all your mum-work is worth?


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