Steiff takes over the animal world

Gorgeous plush animals are what Steiff creations are made of, and we pick our favourite additions to the German teddy bear family

Cuddly Steiff fawn

Clumsy limbed Steiff giraffe

Brand new panda bear rocker

New for 2011 – the elephant pull-a-long

Most famous for being the creators of the beloved teddy bear, German toy company Steiff are still going strong over 100 years later and with it’s expansion into the animal kingdom, we couldn’t help but share these gorgeous plush characters with you!


Keeping its traditional feel to their animals, the latest additions are made with woven plush fabrics with realistic features and glass eyes. They all have the important Steiff ‘button in the ear’ and are simple, nostalgic toys which are perfect collectors items and playthings.

The Steiff collection now boasts cuddly animals from the wild, to pets and farm yeard cuties, to fantasy animals like unicorns and dragons,  and even the arctic polar bears and seals make an appearance too. Animal loving tots will love this wide collection of mammals, and they also make fabulous accessories to your baby’s nursery.

Our favourites were this kooky barn owl, adorable fawn, clumsy looking giraffe and the panda bear rocker. New to 2011 is the elephant pull-a-long, as well as an array of gorgeous baby gear that we can’t wait to get our hands on.


Which is your favourite?

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