Stop filming ultrasounds, experts warn parents-to-be

Radiographers fear they could miss vital signs thanks to parents wanting a homemade video of the scan


Mobile phones and video cameras shouldn’t be used to make homemade videos by expectant parents during ultrasound scans, experts say.


According to the Society and College of Radiographers (SCoR), more and more parents are attempting to make their own recordings, which they warn could distract sonographers and lead them to miss vital warning signs in the developing baby.

“This is an environment where you expect the sonographer to be able to act professionally and be able to detect problems, so the potential for distraction is a serious thing,” said Richard Evans, chief executive of the Society and College of Radiographers.


At the moment individual hospitals are responsible for deciding if home recording equipment can be used. However, the SCoR believes that parents shouldn’t be allowed to film the ultrasound at all.

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