Strangers help deliver baby in hospital car park

Mum gives birth with help of passers-by


A woman delivered her baby son in a hospital car park with the assistance of strangers who were passing nearby.


Alexandra Lakhan, 29, was at home in East London when she began to have cramps on August 22. As the baby wasn’t due for another week and a half, she was shocked when her waters broke and immediately got her husband Rumell, 38, to drive her to Newham General Hospital.

When they arrived, Rumell went to the hospital reception to get some help, but found it was unmanned. On his way back to the car, Alexandra was in the final stages of labour.

“He didn’t believe me when I said the baby’s head was coming out,” Alexandra, already mum to two-year-old Anoushka, told the Daily Mail.

Rumell was aided by three strangers to deliver baby Jeevan after her hour-long labour in the car park.

To add to the drama, the umbilical cord snapped when Jeevan was born, “It was a bit scary as there was a lot of blood. A maternity team came down and took the baby away and took me into the ward. Jeevan was quite unfussed by the whole thing,” she said.

Joan Haines, 53, one of the strangers who helped Alexandra, said, ” I delivered the baby and held onto him until the midwife came. I’m just so happy he was fine and I did what I could do. But the next time I hear anyone scream, it will be me running to get the midwife!”

Alexandra’s story comes just one month after a woman gave birth on a pavement in Leicester after going into labour unexpectedly. She was told to walk to the hospital by her midwife and went onto give birth on the pavement outside the hospital. In Scotland, a woman gave birth between the automatic doors at the hospital’s maternity entrance!


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