Stress DOESN’T affect success of IVF

Experts do a u-turn, saying IVF success is not as affected by stress levels, as previously thought


Stress doesn’t prevent IVF working, according to a new study. Despite previous research suggesting stress levels can reduce the success rate of IVF, the new research has found that emotional factors appear not to lower the chances of getting pregnant.


“Women having fertility treatment do worry that stress can affect their chances of becoming pregnant,” explained Professor Jacky Boivin from Cardiff University. “But our findings show that there is no reason for them to fret even more that the difficulties they are facing may prevent them from becoming pregnant. They can at least relax about that.”

The research by Professor Jacky looked at the results of 14 previous studies involving 3,583 women with fertility problems. When comparing those who underwent IVF with high levels of stress to those who were more relaxed, she found no difference in the success rate of the procedure.


At least that’s one less thing for couples to worry about!

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