Stress less for IVF success, says study

Trying to conceive? ‘Go with the flow’ for best results, new research suggests


Would-be mums undergoing fertility treatment were almost twice as likely to conceive if they adopted a more laid back approach to their treatment, a new study found.


Women who found it harder to ‘go with the flow’ and tried to increase their chances of conception through exercise, taking vitamins, praying or using alternative therapies were less likely to fall pregnant, according to psychologists.

Researchers believe this attitude of focusing on treatment could increase stress levels for would-be mums.

“Any couple that has been trying to get pregnant for more than a year is all too familiar with the struggle and the stress that ensues when conception eludes you,” researcher Nathalie Rapoport told the Telegraph.

But the couples that were more likely to conceive were those who “let go” and allowed “destiny, or the IVF treatment, to take its course.”


The team hope that more research will be carried out into the benefits of meditation as a way of helping couples conceive through IVF.


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