Strict TV rules for Davina McCall’s children

Big Brother TV Presenter "feels bad" if her tots watch the box, despite her being on it!

As the host of the decade’s biggest TV show, Big Brother, you’d think that Davina McCall would be relaxed when it comes to her children watching TV. However, it seems that she doesn’t bring her work home with her!


The 42-year-old mum of three, puts a strict limit on daughter’s Holly, 8, and Tilly, 8 and son Chester, 3, viewing times as thinks fears it’s no good for them, despite being the face of our primetime TV shows for the last 10 years!

“I only let them watch 15 minutes in the morning and one hour after dinner,” the BB host explained to Pscychologies magazine. “If I’m honest, I even feel bad about that hour. It’s not good for them and it affects their behaviour.”

Despite being the presenter of Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother, as well as having her own chat show in 2008 and being the face of new Sky1 show, ‘Got Dance’, Davina will not budge from her children’s 75 minute daily allowance!


Davina is married to former TV Presenter Matthew Robertson, 41.

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