Sun safety in the spotlight after baby gets 40% burns

Five-month-old baby on Brighton beach suffered sunburn blisters as his mum ignored sun warnings


The importance of keeping your baby safe in the sun has been highlighted after a baby boy suffered serious sunburn at the weekend. The mum of the 5-month-old baby was led away from Brighton beach by police after her baby suffered terrible burns.


The baby’s mum, who did not seem to understand the warnings of fellow sunbathers, left her baby in direct sunlight for a number of hours. He was later diagnosed with potentially life-threatening 40% burns. Witnesses said the baby was bright red with blisters on his legs.

“No child under 6 months should be sitting in the sun at all – because you can’t put sunblock on a child less than 6 months,” said Barbara Jemic, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead.

“Babies’ skins burn much more easily because they produce less melanin, which protects against UV rays,” said Carolyn Syverson, from NHS Brighton and Hove health promotion.

Dr Barbara also added that “their skin is thinner so young children are more prone to get sunburnt.”


Children under 6 months should be kept in the shade at all times. For more advice on keeping your little ones healthy and happy in the sunshine this summer, check out our sun safety guide.


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