Suri Cruise demands the perfect nanny

TomKat’s girl wants her very own Mary Poppins. And what Suri wants…

Clearly not content with her privileged life as the daughter of Hollywood’s equivalent of royalty, 3-year-old Suri Cruise is rumoured to be barking more orders at her famous (pushover) parents. What could trump a £19,000 racing car and enviable designer wardrobe you ask? Why, the perfect nanny of course!


After falling in love with the Broadway show, Mary Poppins, which she went to see with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes three times, a source has revealed to Grazia magazine that the little madam has demanded her very own broomstick flying nanny!

Of course, Tom was happy to oblige… “Tom is wrapped around Suri’s little finger, so as soon as she said she wanted Mary Poppins to be her nanny he contacted a New York casting agency,” the source revealed.

Not one who does things by half, Suri’s famous Pa took her demand full scale by scouring agencies to find a nanny who not only looks like Mary Poppins, but who acts and sings like her too! However, mum Katie isn’t too impressed with the nanny plan. “The agency found three potential actresses for the role and Katie picked the dowdiest from the selection. The first two she deemed too ‘hot’ to live in their home.”

Whether these rumours are true are yet to be seen however it is speculated that the chosen nanny will move into the Cruise-Holmes home later this month. Whether she’ll arrive on a broomstick and singing ‘A Spoonful of Sugar’ is debatable – all we know is that we wouldn’t want to be on the end of Suri’s wrath!



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