Suzanne Shaw: ‘Pregnancy’s turned me into Hormonal Hilda!’ Watch the video

The ex-Hear'Say singer reveals her hormonal alter ego in hilarious video


It’s no secret that pregnancy hormones can mess with your mojo even if you’re a celebrity, and for pregnant Suzanne Shaw it’s been a week of ups and downs. In fact, the former Hear’Say singer has been so emotional she’s blamed her irrational behaviour on her alter ego Hormonal Hilda.


“This week as been a little tricky, yes Hormonal Hilda has been out to play… lots,” Suzanne says on her YouTube pregnancy vlog. The 33-year-old is pregnant with her second child – her first with fiancé Sam Greenfield. She’s already mum to 1-year-old Corey from her relationship with Darren Day.

“I will hold my hands up and apologise, sorry Sam for overreacting, but there are some things, in my eyes that I think don’t deserve an apology, I mean there are some things you just don’t say and do to a pregnant lady, use a bit of common sense,” she said. We’re with you on that one Suzanne!

The first of the 5 incidents that Suzanne shows us happened when she was taking her dog Dudley for a walk with Sam. After tucking into a pack of salt and vinegar French Fries, Suzanne shouts at Sam for not putting the dog on the short bit of the lead in time and blames him for “ruining everything”. A bit of an overreaction, perhaps.


But the next incident we just can’t blame Suzanne for – Sam this one’s on you! “Babe, do you want a coffee?” he asks. “Are you joking?!” Suzanne snaps back.

Then he offers her a prawn sandwich. “A prawn sandwich?! Yeah in fact why don’t you get me some soft cheese, some pâté and a glass of bloody wine while you’re at it?” Suzanne fumes.

Then mum-of-1 completely loses the plot when Sam brings her eggs that aren’t organic – and smashes one on her head. Then shortly after, Suzanne is in floods of tears as she reveals she hasn’t had a poo in 5 days. Before finally, covering her face in makeup to make herself feel better but overdoing it slightly!

Watch the hilarious video in full below…

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