Here at MFM, we reckon there’s no need at all to hide your stretch marks.


After all, they are simply part of our skin - and they appear on all kinds of bodies: mumbods, dadbods, and regular non-parent bods, too.

But for those who do feel that they want to cover them up, for whatever reason, you might be interested to know that a tattoo artist from Brazil has come up with an unusual way to disguise them.

Rodolpho Torres, from São Paulo, uses flesh-coloured ink to tattoo in between stretch marks, which appears to blend and create a more even skin tone.

Here are just some examples of his work:

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However you feel about stretch marks - this is totally interesting.

We don’t know if this is available in the UK just yet, but if these pics are proof, the unusual method seems to work wonders.

In the future, this could become a suitable option for those who don’t want to shell out for a variety of oils and creams, or who can’t afford to pay top dollar to get them lasered off.

What do you think - would you try something like this?

Would you want to remove your stretch marks - or have you learned to embrace them?

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Images: Instagram/Rodolpho Torres

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