Teachers reveal children’s cheeky attempts to earn points in tests

From elaborate drawings to comical answers, teachers from the US and UK share exactly what kids are getting up to during exams


What do kids do if they don’t know the answer to a tough maths question? Draw a giraffe of course.


Hilarious website www.funnyexam.com exposes the weird and wacky ways children try to get out of answering difficult questions. From simply circling ‘x’ when asked to find it, to writing lyrics from a Beyonce song to answer why Saturn has rings on it, you can’t fault these kids for trying.

The images reveal some quite humorous teachers too. The happy-go-lucky giraffe earned a point after the child begged in writing, “If I made any mistakes in this test, perhaps this picture of a giraffe will convince you otherwise.” The teacher faced with Beyonce lyrics comically replied, “Saturn is NOT a single lady”.

A special mention has to go to one mum, though. After her child drew a picture and captioned it, “When I grow up…I want to be like mommy!” she had to explain that she sells shovels and is not, as the picture would have you believe, a pole dancer.

Full marks for these kids’ innovative problem-solving skills!


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