Teen gives birth on YouTube

Internet clip appears to show schoolgirl giving birth live in playground


A video that appears to show a teenager giving birth in a school playground has caused a furore on YouTube. The clip, which looks like real footage shot on a mobile phone, shows the schoolgirl surrounded by other students who are cheering and jeering.


In fact the clip is a viral campaign produced by Leicester City teenage pregnancy and parenthood partnership. Actors were used to shoot the clip and the aim is to highlight the increasing numbers of teenage pregnancies.

“We know the film is hard-hitting – but so are the numbers of under-18s getting pregnant in Leicester,” Tim Rideout, the city’s NHS primary care trust boss, has said.

Some viewers have criticised the video. The film was reported as so shocking that YouTube pulled the clip off its site. However, the video is now back online. 

Tim Rideout said that the usual techniques of using leaflets and posters didn’t get the teen sex and teen pregnancy message across. The video was made so the hard-to-reach teenage audience could be targeted.


Do you think the clip gets the message across, or is too shocking? Let us know…

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